"I'd rather just die than become an abomination like you."

From Create Your Own Story

Even as you say the words, you know you are making the right decision. There is no way you are going to become a companion and helper to a monster like this, and spend eternity hunting down other teenagers.

The creep puts his hand on your left shoulder. He presses the point of the blade a little harder against your spine.

"As you wish, girl," he says.

He drives his blade into your body between your shoulder blades. The pain is incredible, but it doesn't last long before he pushes the blade all the way through your body. When it comes out through your chest, stained with your blood, you aren't even afraid anymore, just a bit sad.

The pain doesn't last, quickly fading to black . . .

and then to gray.

Then you are standing in the woods again. The creep is standing in front of you now, holding the blood-stained blade he just killed you with.

He did kill you, didn't he?

"What happened?" you say.

"If you do not want to be my companion and consort," the creep says, "you can still be my prey. Throughout eternity."

"What do you mean?"

"So long have I been active here that these woods are now my realm. My spirit rules here. Most of those I slay here are dead, but not you."

"What did you do to me?"

"I used my powers to put a curse on you. You are not quite dead and not quite alive. You will be here for all eternity, in these woods, alone except for me. No other human can see you or hear you. You can see and hear no one else. And I can hunt you and slay you for all eternity."

You back away from the creep. You start crying.

"No one can help you. You will not grow any older, and you will not need food or water or sleep, nor will you get cold. You cannot die permanently, either."

You are horrified by what he is saying. "I can't die permanently?"

"That is correct. I can kill you, and you will come back to life almost immediately so that the hunt can continue."

"My God."

"He cannot help you here. No one and nothing can."

"And you'll be hunting me forever?"

"Sometimes I will be in the world you lived in, hunting those who are still of flesh and blood. But when I am not doing that, I will be here."

You try to speak, but no more words will come.

"Go now," the creep says. "Keep running. I wish to continue our game."

Slasher's Body Count:
Live:You (but only sort of)
Dead:Nikki, Tomas, Andrew, Chris, Jackie
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