"How about it's just you and me, at my place?"

From Create Your Own Story

"Sounds good to me," the Daddy smiles. "But Don'll be broken-hearted."

You both leave the bar and the daddy gives Don a little wave as you pass his line of sight on your way to the front door. Don smirks, and shakes his head, but doesn't say anything. The bouncer tosses you a wink as you leave, and you give him a grin in return.

At your place, the daddy bear undresses you with rough tugs and calloused hands, and you writhe under his touch. He bends you over his lap, the daddy bear still fully clothed, and to your surprise he starts slapping your ass, hard. He gives you one for every year of your birthday, and somehow, the slap of his hand on your ass, despite being painful and causing a serious heat to burn on your ass cheeks, gets you rock hard against his lap.

Your ass red, he shoves you onto your bed, then strips, and you you suck him again until he's hard. He flips you over and eats your spanked ass for what seems like an hour. His beard rubs at your hot ass cheeks and makes you squirm, while his slick tongue offers a kind of relief and gets you so horned up you start to beg him to fuck you.

When he mounts you, he rams his dick into your tight, hot hole with a mean entry, making you arch your back trying to slow down his entry, but he grabs your waist and holds you tight. Once he's in you, he starts to fuck you with rough, hard thrusts, and it's not long before his sweat is dripping onto your back and you're barely managing to brace yourself against his wild fucking. When he comes, he collapses onto you, burying his dick in you deep while he spurts out his load.

He pulls out slowly, rolls you onto your back, and licks and nibbles at your nipples while you jerk your own load onto your stomach.

"Good?" he asks, after you've both recovered a bit.

"Absolutely!" you say.

He laughs. "Check that off the list."

You look at him. "Was that on my list? Huh. I didn't know I wanted to be spanked."

He looks at you, grinning, and two of his fingers slide into your sore, slick ass. "Did you know you wanted to be fisted?"

Your eyes widen.

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