"How about boy butt stuffed with bear cream?"

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"Oh, I think so." Steve grins. "You're gonna love taking this." He strokes his cock, making the piercing glint in the light.

Your whole body shivers. He grins, and half pulls, half drags you up the stairs to his bedroom. Once there, he tugs his shirt off, revealing his thick hairy chest and stomach, and he steps out of his jeans and boots. You strip in front of him while he watches, smiling at you, and leisurely strokes his pierced dick. As soon as you're naked, he pushes you at the bed, where you fall against it, ass out in the air, stomach pressed to the blanket.

He opens a drawer in his nightstand, and pulls out a small bottle of lube. A moment later, you feel the liquid pour between your ass cheeks, and Steve rubs a thick finger up and down, then pushes his fingertip into your hole.

"Tight," he says, in a low voice. He dips his finger in, rubbing you.

"Oh God!" you gasp. He laughs, and pulls out, then pushes two of his thick fingers into your hole, twisting them in a slow circle that makes your whole body shiver. You writhe on him, pushing against his fingers. Your hands twist in the blanket. A third finger joins the other two, and he continues to finger fuck you, teasing your ass with every slow stroke.

You moan.

Finally, he pulls away from you, and lifts your thighs, sliding you onto the bed, and rolling you onto your back. The big man crawls onto the bed on his knees after you, and takes your leg in his hand, raising up against his broad hairy shoulder, and then grabbing your other ankle with his free hand. He leans forward, pulling your back off the bed just slightly, and aims his dick at your slick ass.

"And now the stuffing," the burly bear says, and slowly pushes his pierced dick into you.

You roll your head back and gasp at the feel of his thick pierced meat sliding its way into your hole. He grunts, and leans over you, pressing forward until he is all the way inside you. He lifts as he slides in, spreading your legs wider and higher. Your ass clenches in spasms around his meat, and you can feel the piercing rub inside you - it's intense, and a little painful, and incredible, and hot - you gasp and thrash your head.

"Fuck yeah," Steve growls. "Nice and fucking tight..."

He fucks you slowly at first, long strokes in and out that make you gasp and arch your back, slowly building in speed as your ass adjusts to his thickness and the metal that rubs you inside in that amazing way. Soon his thrusts are bouncing you on the bed. His dick strikes inside you in ways you've never felt before, the piercing rubbing you and sending off sparks up and down your nervous system. You're soon moaning and grunting, your bodies slick with sweat, and the sheer heat of his pierced cock inside your abused hole sends you over the edge - your cock erupts against the bear's hairy stomach, spraying spunk across your chests. A moment later, Steve grinds down hard into you and you feel his dick release hot spunk deep in your ass. He thrusts twice more, then pulls out of your hole, lying beside you on the bed, breathing heavy.

"Holy shit," you gasp, shaking.

He chuckles. "Glad you liked." He reaches down, and slides two of his thick fingers into your ass, then brings his cum-sticky fingers to your lips.

You lick them. Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget.

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