"Hell yeah I need help with it."

From Create Your Own Story

The Italian undoes your jeans, and the gray haired man steps behind you. Pressed between them, they work together to tug your pants and underwear down, and then they crouch on either side of you. The gray haired man presses his face against your ass and his tongue starts to lick and drive at your hole, making you gasp and writhe forward - where the Italian rubs his stubbly face against your balls, and then starts sucking them one at a time.

The sensation is incredible, and you have to put your hands on the Italian's shoulders to stay upright as the gray haired man tugs your ass cheeks apart with his hands and drives his tongue into your hole. The Italian's calloused hand takes your cock and jerks you, still sucking and slurping on your balls, and you feel yourself tip over the edge quickly - two long jets of cum spraying over the back of the Italian's brown work shirt.

After you come, the two men pull away from you, and you grip the shelves in one hand, panting.

"Wow," you say.

The men laugh. "You want me to give you a life home?" the gray haired man asks you.

You nod at him, your pants around your knees.

They laugh again, and the three of you re-arrange your clothes. The Italian goes to his truck, and drives off. You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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