Jump on the pixie and spear her pussy

From Create Your Own Adventure

You grab the pixie's ankles and push them up to her shoulders. She squeals in delight as your dick finds her pussy. You ram your cock into her with one hard thrust, pushing your dick in so deep your balls slap against her ass.

She sighs with passion.

You place her feet on your shoulders and prop yourself up with your arms. You slowly raise your hips, sliding your back out of her, then slam your hips back down, shoving your into her even deeper. You repeat you movements, going faster and harder with every repetition. The pixie moans and squeezes her own breasts as you fuck her tight box. Her glittery wings flutter against the surface of the bar. She cries out when she climaxes, and the way her pussy grips your pistoning dick puts you over the edge. You cry out as well as your cock pumps cum into her womb.

Do you:

Health Horny & Tiny Location:

A Cheap Bar

MP 80
Level 1
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