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William Clone

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The William Clone with his innocent look.

To cover up the fact that William disappeared from Earth after XANA took control of him, Jeremie created a clone of William. The clone was supposed to act just like William did so that nobody would suspect his absence, but the clone has often exhibited very dull-witted behavior and often requires Team Lyoko's supervision. It also doesn't understand any figures of speech making it very difficult to talk to it. The clone was created at the end of the episode Double Take. XANA managed to take control of the clone in Wreck Room after Jeremie's program to get William out of Lyoko caused the Tower creating the clone to malfunction. Since it is a program, its memory is unaffected by a return to the past.

The clones stupidity sometimes lead him to make mistakes that threatened the secret of Team Lyoko, in A Lack of Goodwill the clone accidently revealed that he wasn't the real William to Milly and Tamiya and then lead them to the Lab where he promised them a discussion with Jeremie about Lyoko.

At the end of Down to Earth he was deleted so the real William can take his place.

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  • The clone was temporarily elected monitor of the Recreation Room in Wreck Room however he was removed from this position after a Time Reversion.
  • The clone developed its own intelligence after Jeremie updated its program in A Lack of Goodwill however this was quickly removed due to the fact that Jeremie revealed that the program update may have been used to program the personality of XANA.
  • The clone made an appearance in Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity

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