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Theo and Elisabeth almost kiss in the Cafeteria.
TheoxElisabeth is one of the many hinted-at romances in Code Lyoko, but does not appear in many works of fanfiction, and obviously supports the relationship of Theo and Elisabeth Delmas. The episode that most focused on it was Claustrophobia.

It seemed obvious that when Theo first came to Kadic, in Claustrophobia, he liked Elisabeth. This immediatly led to extreme jealousy by Herb, who became sort of the archenemy of Theo for a short time. Theo even tried to join Sissi's Gang, and accidentally fell on top of her when the Cafeteria was being attacked by XANA. At the end of the episode, however, a time reversion occured, and Theo began romancing Yumi, much to Ulrich's displeasure.

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