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Three Creepers in their natural habitat.

Creepers are a type of XANA's monsters, seen only in Carthage. They have a rather humanoid appearance, except for their slithering tail. Creepers can slither along walls, making them ideal to fight Team Lyoko in Sector 5. Their laser, packing moderate firepower, is contained within their mouth.

Creepers are, as their name implies, creepy. Whilst normal monsters explode when they are killed, Creepers explode into a puddle of white goop and nerve cell-shaped parts (perhaps their brains), and even come with the appropriate "squishing" sound effect. The puddle varies in size in various episodes. They can be easily revealed due to their evil-sounding growls and howls. Creepers also seem to get frustrated when engaged in hand-to-hand combat, like boxing, as seen in the episode Franz Hopper.

One thing XANA may have overlooked is the Creeper's amount of life points. Creepers have a lower than average 20 life points. Basically, the eye is just there for decoration, as it really isn't necessary to hit them there. However, the Creepers usually counteract their individual weakness in battle through their sheer numbers. XANA has little regard for the Creeper army's status, as he openly collapses parts of Carthage that kill the Creepers to get at Aelita in The Key.


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