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Energy Field

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XANA-Aelita generates an Energy Field.

The Energy Field is a special power that Aelita developed in the first episode of Season 3. Using it as a weapon to attack, she can fire a pink ball of energy that can destroy a monster, even without hitting the Eye of XANA (the only exception is a closed Megatank). When a monster is hit by the energy field, it is immobilized and covered with a layer of energy until it explodes seconds later. Two energy fields combined in Aelita's hands can slow down a Megatank's blast by holding it, but if she fires an Energy Field directly at the beam of laser, the impact shatters it like a piece of glass. In Skidbladnir she shows the ability to combine two energy fields into one huge one which exhausts her afterwards . When Aelita is a spectre, her energy fields seem to have more power than on Lyoko, as when she fought against the army of robots, one energy field caused a powerful explosion that destroyed several of the robots, whereas on Lyoko, her energy fields can only destroy one monster at a time.

In I'd Rather Not Talk About It, it was shown that if Aelita shot an Energy field onto an invisible object, that object will become partially visible because of the Energy layer covering it (in that case it was a Tower).


Aelita connecting two Energy fields to block a Megatanks blast.
Aelita blocking the Blast with the two Energy Fields.
Aelita generating a large Energy field to defeat William.
Aelita using her energy field in the Real world.

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