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Romance Controversy

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Recent debates have been made over whether the romance in Code: LYOKO is realistic. Some have argued the romance is insincere and merely an attempt to gain an audience with teenagers. Some note it does not truly reflect modern society and that love is taken much less seriously among adolescents with crushes only a way to gain attention and popularity. But we must acknowledge the fact that such hardships such as fighting against XANA do bring people closer, and, as Inspector Clouseau would say, the romance is a possibility because "France is France!" Cartoon Network also may cut out most romance due to a vote by mostly people lower than 8 years old. Most older ones such as the ones on codelyoko.net's forum, however, completely disagree.

The love stories in Code Lyoko evolve very slow. Interesingly, some french fans accused the scenarists to break love only because American fans didn't want romance!

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