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A Krab in the Desert Sector.
A Krab in the Real World

Krabs are monsters created by XANA to destroy Team Lyoko. They are one of the more powerful monsters, and three have materialized into the real world in the episode A Bad Turn. They look basically like real-world krabs, without the pincers and with fewer legs.

Krabs have four weapons. Three of them are lasers, and two are located in the front and one directly on the bottom. The upper front laser deals 40 damage and whenever they use it, it makes an Eye of XANA, whilst the lower deals 80 points of damage, the lower one can fire lasers continuously. On a Krab's underbelly is a pulse generator which releases a wide beam of energy that strikes anything trying to hide underneath it. The pulse generator has yet to strike a target, but evidence shows that it results in instant devirtualization. The pulse generator is only seen in The Chips Are Down and in the episode Wreck Room, a Krab almost attacked William using pulse generator if Aelita hadn't destroyed it with an Energy Field (But it was all a trick to fool Aelita). Its front legs is its fourth and last weapon, it pins enemies to the ground with them; although it only did this in the real world it probably does it in Lyoko as well.

Krabs are fairly intelligent, they will attempt strategy when it is needed. They have also been shown to savor the moments when they nearly kill their enemies, this has been shown in the episode Plagued where they almost killed Aelita. Krabs have also helped the Lyoko Warriors on Lyoko several times. All the times in which they helped they simply devirtualized someone before someone fell into the Digital Sea except for in the episode Marabounta. Krabs inhabit the Ice Barrier, Desert, Forest Sector and the Mountains. But Krabs are not often seen in the Mountains as the paths are a little bit too narrow for them. Although in the episode Tidal Wave, three Krabs appeared in the Mountain sector.

Krabs are the only monster (other than the Scyphozoa) that can be destroyed or damaged by hitting a different area than the eye. Ulrich is seen in the episode Amnesia cutting off two of the Krab's legs. In various other episodes Ulrich is seen destroying Krabs by putting his sword through the Krabs' pulse generator on their underbelly.

Krabs have also gained the useless ability to make noises. The noises they make are grunt-like sounds. A few other monsters also have this ability.

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