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Code Wiki's Sixth Generation began on the first day of August 2011. As of February that year, the Wiki had been locked to prevent vandalism. But, when news of Code Lyoko Evolution broke out, the Forum increased in activity. New users joined the forum, and asked for the Wiki to be unlocked for account creation, but Supercomputer Sector X had been inactive. Eventually, a Lyokon known as Kremzeek! logged onto the Wiki, hoping that it may have been unlocked. It wasn't. But a message had been left behind back in June on his User talk page by RobKohr, owner of EditThis.info. RobKohr had recognized Kremzeek as the last user to edit the Wiki. Kremzeek asked RobKohr to restore the Wiki, and he did. By Kremzeek's request, D33deed33guy was demoted, and new Guardians and Supercomputers rose to power. Users YumiRulz and Lyokofanforever were promoted to Guardian status, and Kremzeek asked for AelitaBelpois to be promoted as his co-Supercomputer. After a visit from D33deed33guy, power was given back to him and all promotions were changed to Skids. New users (such as UlrichStern17, VGCats Rocks, CodeLyokoOdd, and Apsithj) created accounts. The shield will be kept up until Code Lyoko Evolution is released, so that existing Users may edit, but new accounts can't be made.

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