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Welcome to CaelWiki the Wiki! is an IRC network that focuses on games and the gaming community. evolved as the offspring of JEOCOM, which itself is the offspring of the older DreamMyst IRC Network. This evolution was more or less organic as staff members from each of the networks continued chatting amongst themselves.



Codebase's codebase is UnrealIRCD, and its services set is based on Anope. However several customized modules added to extend this functionality based on's prior codebase Farpoint which was based upon earlier versions of UnrealIRCD. Farpoint maintains a project at sourceforge designed to provide tools for games and gaming via IRC including the aforementioned modules.

Distinguishing and/or Unusual Features

The network's central and most distinguishing feature's are in some way related to gaming in its various forms. Many of these gaming features are role-playing game or Computer role-playing game related.


Among these features is RPGServ, an integrated dice service that provides a network-wide facility for rolling dice for roleplaying games, which remain a central focus of the network . This service exists in its current form only on, though an older rendition based on IRCServices 4 can also be found on MagicStar where the head coder of still officially serves as staff. Mystical IRC Network once maintained an older version of the code which was released to it during a dispute between the founders of DreamMyst and the then WorldIRC network founder Tech. Mystical however, has subsequently stopped providing the RPGServ service.

Other RPG Features

In addition to RPGServ, utilizes modules which extend UnrealIRCD in somewhat unique ways. For instance the m_roleplay module, part of the Farpoint Networks Project, provides facilities for channel operators allowing them to speak and emote as a non-player character(NPC). These pseudousers are marked by having an underlined nickname, which is disallowed as part of a user nickname.

The as well as the ability to send messages as the environment simmiliar to the emit command on muds and moos these messages appear to come from the pseudouser <>Ambiance<>, angle brackets are also disallowed in normal nicknames.

Historical Importance

Historically, and its predecessors have often served as the chat network for various computer games that chose not to run their own server. During the height of DreamMyst IRC Network, the network served as the official chat location for several games including Fallout 2, PlaneScape: Torment, and Baldur's Gate.

Currently serves a similar function for one gaming community:

The network also hosts an unofficial chat for petsite

The Wiki

CaelWiki is a sister website to our webpage and to our forums. Here however you control the content and the the substance. CaelWiki is meant to be a community project.

With that said, please be sensible also if your information is very general purpose please consider making your contribution on Wikipedia as well. Also if you have a project which can use a Wiki of its own we cannot recommend highly enough our wiki host they even include a create your own wiki link on the status bar to your left.

Note: The main page is protected. Even administrators should discuss changes of the main page on the talk page before implementing them.

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