Trench K. Ortega

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Trench K. Ortega
Ring name *Trench K. Ortega
Height 5'10
Weight 365 lbs.
Born Brooklyn, New York
Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
Trained By Matt Vengeance, FNB
Debut 2008

Alexander Perez born August 12th 1988, also known as Trench K Ortega is a american born backyard wrestler performing in Non Stop Wrestling and Justified Revolution Wrestling. He came across the name Trench K, from a friend Jason Steele. Wanting to put his own mix into it, he used the name Ortega instead of Oyiami. Recently, he as left the beach federation in New York City, known as Beach Wrestling Association. In character, Trench is starting to grasp the feel of wrestling. Only having two years under his belt, he still feels that he is still a rookie. Although he feels himself as being neutral, the fans react to his talent and his way of wrestling as a face. His styles include a mix of Sumo, Muay Thai, and Judo. His prefered style of wrestling, is submission

Justifed Revolution Wrestling

Trench K. Ortega made his debut on the first show of JRW. His first match, he was placed in a triple threat match against Chillz and Iceboxx. Trench picked up the victory via submission, earning him the pride to know that he was the first rookie at JRW to win with a submission. Recently, he was placed in a Gauntlet match, comming in 4th to face off against Johnny Marqo, who he picked up the pinfall against, earning him the first rookie to beat a JRW Veteran. Following Marqo, he got the crowd behind him as he unleashed a vast amount of offense. After hitting off his Regal Plex, he placed Greg Jones in the Sin City Clutch, to pick up his third victory via submission.

Non Stop Wrestling

Trench was seen in the beginning of the 2009 year facing off against Rush and Dragon in a number one contenders tag team match, with his partner Black Dragon as Armageddon Inc. During the match, Rush turned on Dragon, allowing Armageddon Inc, to pick up the victory. They both had a dispute with BWA Managment, thus they weren't allowed to come back to NSW. In 2010, he made his own impact by attacking then, Former US Champion Tommy Hart. After assaulting him with a chair, he leaned over, and robbed the man of his sunglasses repeating the phrase. "Your not the only one, who feels like a monster." His first match in 2009 with NSW, was against Tommy Hart. Dynamo, who interupted the match, caused to distract Trench for a moment, enough that Tommy would pick up the victory when he hit Trench with the US Title belt. As of recent, Trench has defeated the likes of J.A.C.K. Stone a former Television Champion, and ESW World Champion.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • Headlock Driver
  • Sin City Clutch (Dragon Sleeper to a face down opponent)
  • Final Sin (Double Underhook Sitout Face Buster)
  • High Five !! (Foward Palm Thrust to opponent's face)
  • E.Honda (Sumo Style palm thrusts to an opponent's back, followed by a headbutt to the back of the head)
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Curbstomp

Go To Sleep Variants Adopted from Scythe

Half Nelson
Suplex/Rope aided
Spin out dragon Sleeper
  • Kneeling Sidewalk Slam

Multiple Chop Variations

Machine Gun
Double Hand
  • Blue Thunder Powerbomb into Backbreaker
  • STO Backbreaker into Russian Legsweep
  • Corner Body Splash
  • Full Nelson Spun into a Facebuster
  • Dragon Screw Neck Whip
  • Superkick while opponent is kneeling down
  • Regal Plex
  • Cravate
  • Forearm strikes
  • The Punt (STOLEN from Tommy Hart)

  • x3 Tag Team Champion
  • x1 Pride Champion
  • Tag Team of the Year 2009
  • Heel of the Year 2009
  • Champion of the Year 2009
  • Match of the Year 2009

  • Entrance Themes
  • "Numb" by Rob Zombie (2008)
  • "White Knuckles" by Five Finger Death Punch (2009-Present) (NSW/BWA)
  • "Calm Like a Bomb" by Rage Against the Machine (Present JRW)
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