SCW Evolution 2011

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SCW Evolution 2011
Date Held February 18, 2011
Location Chapala Bar & Grill (Greenwood, SC)

SCW Evolution 2011 was a South Carolina Wrestling event that featured the debut of the SCW Live Title and many new competitors.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Daniel Maxum defeated Brian Thrill, Antonio Smith, J-Dawg, K.D. Davis, & Sean Storm Battle Royal to crown the first ever SCW Live Championship
2 Anderson Strong defeated Reverend Revis via pinfall
3 James Hall (c) defeated Lil' White via pinfall SCW Internet Championship
4 Robert Mack defeated Jay Biggs via pinfall
5 The Show Stoppers (c) (Sean Van & Eric Thompson) defeated Mike Jones & Aaron McClure via pinfall SCW Tag Team Championship
6 Bull McBride defeated TJ Boss (c) via disqualification SCW Heavyweight Championship
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