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Johnny Vercetti

Johnny Vercetti in July 2012 before his tag team match at CWA.

Ring name Johnny Vercetti
Backyard Federations NWF, NBW, XAW
Professional Federations SWA, CWA, ICW, NCPW
Location Newcastle, Australia
Titles Held NWF Australian Champion (2010)
Finishers Swanton Bomb, Running Knee Lift, Canadian Destroyer, Codebreaker, RKO
Overall Record 2010-2013 24 matches/18 defeats/6 victories

Johnny Vercetti is an Australian professional and backyard wrestler who performs in several federations such as CWA, ICW, SWA and NCPW. He currently lives in Newcastle, Australia.


Debut in NWF: Johnny Violence 2008-2010

Johnny Vercetti started wrestling in 2008 under the name Johnny Violence. He was one of the main figures of the backyard federation NWF. His technical style both aggressive and fast enabled him to become one of the most talented challengers in Australian backyard wrestling. In 2010, he won the NWF Championship title after beating Rufio Inferno. He also defeated LG Millard and Jimmy Freighter in a triple threat match. A little later in the same year, Johnny Violence faced James Derringer, the founder of NWF and one of the best challengers in the fed. James Derringer executed some of his best moves, including a Package Piledriver, but Johnny Violence resisted. Finally, he got the win after hitting a Canadian Destroyer and a Swanton Bomb on his opponent.

Johnny Violence had several defeats however. In particular, he lost against Scruffy and AJ Hammer. At the end of 2010, LG Millard, the youngest wrestler of NWF, got his revenge in a single match. After receiving a DDT, Johnny Violence got pinned by his opponent’s finisher. Shortly after, he lost his NWF Championship title against Jimmy Freighter. While Johnny Violence missed his Swanton Bomb, Jimmy Freighter executed a Fire Thunder Driver to get the win.

Despite these bitter failures, Jimmy Violence showed he was capable of performing a wide range of different moves such as Canadian Destroyers or Swanton Bombs. Moreover, he significantly improved his wrestling skills by facing some of the best challengers in NWF.

NBW and XAW - 2010-2011

In 2010 and 2011, Johnny Violence participated in several shows of other Australian backyard federations like NBW and XAW. In April 2010, he wrestled against Ethan Black, one of the leading figures of NBW. Although he executed some of his best moves, including a Canadian Destroyer and a Codebreaker, he was finally beaten.

Over the same month, James Derringer and Johnny Violence formed a NWF tag team and faced Jonathan Cross and Adam Chunky. More experienced and faster, the opposing team exhausted their opponents. Finally, Jonathan Cross performed his famous Dropkick on Johnny Violence and got the win. In March 2011, Johnny Violence wrestled in a XAW show against ACWA’s El Psycheido. He used all his best moves, Codebreaker, RKO and Swanton Bomb, and defeated his opponent.

In November 2011, Johnny Violence returned in NBW. He faced Justin Hawk, a young new wrestler much less experienced than him. However, Justin Hawk put his opponent in trouble several times. Johnny Violence executed a Powerbomb as finisher in vain. Taking advantage of this situation, Justin Hawk knocked him out by hitting a flipping DDT shortly after. This match was one of the most crushing defeats of Johnny Violence in his whole career. He decided to get his revenge a few days later and beat Justin Hawk by using a Swanton Bomb as finisher.

Debut in professional wrestling: 2011-2012

Johnny Vercetti about to tap out

in a SWA Tag Team match, 2012

In 2011, Johnny Vercetti turned professional. He changed his wrestling name and became Johnny Vercetti. He has been wrestling for several Australian federations so far like ICW, SWA and CWA. His tag team partner James Derringer also turned professional and became Jackson Spade. They are still tag team partners. Johnny Vercetti has undergone a significant number of crushing defeats since he turned professional. Facing powerful challengers, often more experienced than him, Johnny Vercetti has almost lost all his matches so far. Due to the speed of his opponents, he is often unable to perform his moves and counter their finishers.

In July 2011, he wrested SWA’s Kyote. Unable to take control of his opponent, he was dominated throughout the match and lost very quickly. In August 2011, he faced another SWA wrestler: Dan Damage. The match was long and tough. Dan Damage managed to exhaust Johnny Vercetti and prevented him from executing any significant moves. Dan Damage countered his Swanton Bomb and knocked Vercetti out after pushing him off the top rope.

In November, Johnny Vercetti decided to issue a challenge to SWA’s Matt Baliey. But once again, his opponent dominated him and Johnny Vercetti got pinned by Bailey’s Superkick. The year 2011 ended without Johnny Vercetti won a single match in professional wrestling.

In April 2012 at CWA, he wrestled in a triple match against Justin Greye and Falco. He resisted several powerful attacks from Falco. He was about to win the match after hitting a RKO and a Superckick on Justin Greye. Unfortunately, he missed his Swanton Bomb and Justin Greye beat him with his special Suplex.

Johnny Vercetti got involved in an ICW supershow held in Canberra. He formed a tag team with JJ Malone and faced the Shinju Soldiers - one of the best tag teams in Australia. They hardly managed to defeat Vercetti and Malone. Johnny Vercetti also took part in the Dark Match Royal Rumble for the ICW title but he got eliminated.

Tag Team with Jackson Spade and growing rivalry

In July, Johnny Vercetti and Jackson Spade formed for the first time a tag team to wrestle Insane Punishment at CWA. The match was long undecided but Johnny Vercetti was expelled out of the ring and could not prevent Insane Punishment’s pinfall on Jackson Spade. Over the same month, Johnny Vercetti lost again at ICW in a match against Mike Kellly.

In September 2012, Johnny Vercetti and Jackson Spade wrestled NPJB in a tag team match. The two wrestlers were dominated by the speed of their opponents’ style and technical moves. After hitting a powerful F-5, NPJB executed a submission hold on Johnny Vercetti who finally tapped out.

After two defeats, it became clear that their tag team had failed. Uncoordinated in their style of wrestling (and without joint finisher), they failed to take over their challengers. Rivalry arose between the two fighters and they decided to stop wrestling as tag team partners.

In November 2012, Jackson Spade and Johnny Vercetti wrestled against each other at NCPW. After a long match, Johnny Vercetti got pinned by his opponent’s Fire Thunder Driver. In December, Johnny Vercetti was luckier: he formed a new tag team with Bubbles. They faced the Gotham City Knights in a SWA supershow. The match was long undecided but they both managed to wrestle with coordination. They finally defeated their opponents after Johnny Vercetti performed a Codebreaker. That was the first victory of Johnny Vercetti since he turned pro in 2010.

Two months later, in January 2013, Johnny Vercetti tried to get his revenge and wrestled a second time against his new bitter rival at NCPW. But he failed to take over Jackson Spade who knocked him out after hitting his powerful finisher the Package Piledriver.

Characteristics, Overall record and other information

Johnny Vercetti executing

a Running Knee Lift in 2012

Johnny Vercetti is a fast and fluid backyard wrestler. His technical style is probably among the richest and most varied in today’s wrestling. Moreover, he is well known for using a wide range of signatures moves and finishers. The Swanton Bomb, Running Knee Lift, Codebreaker or RKO are among his best moves.

However, since he turned professional, Johnny Vercetti has won only one match. He was often dominated by powerful challengers who prevent him from hitting his best finishers. Thus, his overall record from 2010 to 2013 is one of the worst in professional and backyard wrestling: 18 defeats and only 6 victories (24 matches in total over that period). The percentage of loss is 75%.

Since 2011, Johnny Vercetti wears the same clothes for wrestling: red and white pants. Johnny Vercetti is neither a face nor a heel in wrestling; his behavior in the ring remains neutral whatever the result of the match.However, his tag team partner Jackson Spade is often seen as a “bad guy” and for some people, their team may be ranked among the heels.

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