J.A.C.K Stone

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J.A.C.K. Stone
Ring name *J.A.C.K. Stone
Height 6'2
Weight 389 lbs.
Born Bronx, New York
Resides Unknown
Trained By Bobby Cade, HavoC, Dread, Various
Mentored By SyNN, Fat Nasty Bastard, Dread, Rush
Debut 2003

J.A.C.K. Stone is American Born Outlaw Wrestler performing in NSW(Non Stop Wrestling) based in New York City. He is a founding member of both Non Stop Wrestling & its predecessor New York Street Wrestling. His impact within the company is felt on many levels, being a grand slam champion in his first 3 years within the company, & is considered to be one of the top Super HeavyWeight athletes within the field.

One of the Original Founding Members of the company, J.A.C.K. Stone has been one of the most feared opponents within New York's Outlaw Wrestling scene thanks to his basic but brutal arsenal of fighting & for his unbelievable speed considering his near 400lb frame! He uses that speed for the most brutal of his moves, The Pounce & the even more feared LOL(Lariat Outya Lungs) With those moves & more, he became a grand slam champion holding nearly every belt within NSW, including its Heavyweight United States & Television titles.

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