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A-Kid ready for wrestling in September 2013

Ring name A-Kid
Federation Triple W
Location Madrid, Spain
Titles Held None
Finisher Superkick, Frog Splash, Hurricana, DDT
Overall Record 2012-2013 7 matches/5 losses/ 2 wins

A-Kid is a Spanish wrestler who performs in Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling). Despite he is the youngest wrestler in Triple W A-Kid is one of the most talented challengers of the federation. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

Debut in triple W

A-Kid started wrestling in 2012 and joined Triple W – a federation based in Madrid featuring some of the best wrestlers in Spain. He quickly became a rising challenger facing some of the most experienced figures of Triple W.

In December 2012, A-Kid and The Project wrestled against Astiles and The Vanquisher in a tag team match. The confrontation remained a long time undecided but The Project was finally pinned and his tag team partner could not prevent their opponents’ victory. Despite the end of the match A-Kid was not personally responsible for the defeat.

Two months later, A-Kid faced Padre Paolo in a single match. He resisted several attacks from his opponent. He then hit a powerful DDT from the ropes but Padre Paolo kicked out of his pin attempt. A-Kid used his best moves to exhaust Padre Paolo, including a Superkick and the Hurricana. But after failing his Frog Splash, A-Kid got pinned by his opponent’s Suplex and lost the match.

In April 2013, A-Kid took part in a Royal Rumble match where most of Triple W male and female wrestlers were involved. During the match he countered several attempts of elimination. But after hitting a Body Slam on A-Kid, Banshee – a female wrestler – tossed him out of the ring. His elimination was a crushing defeat for this young ambitious wrestler.

In June 2013, A-Kid attempted to get his first victory since his debut in Triple W by facing an experienced and dangerous wrestler Rod Zayas. He executed some impressive moves such as his Superkick and his frog Splash but failed all his pin attempts. Rod Zayas exhausted his opponent by hitting numerous ChockSlam and defeated him after a successful pinfall.

A month later, A-Kid tried to get his revenge over Rod Zayas after his June’s loss. Road Zayas used his best moves, including his ChockSlam and his Body Slam, and threw his opponent onto a chair but this time A-Kid managed to resist these attacks. After hitting a Hurricana and a submission hold, he forced Rod Zayas to tap out. This match was a huge victory for A-Kid, his first win since he joined Triple W over one of the most experienced wrestlers in the federation. Since then he has gained a huge respect from his bitter rivals.

In September 2013, A-Kid formed a tag team with Diana Dark, a dangerous female wrestler, against Ginger Fury and Trashman. During the first part of the match A-Kid lets his female partner wrestle against Ginger Fury. In the second part, he replaced Diana Dark and e executed his favorite signature moves. But Trasham performed some powerful moves, Body Slam and ChockSlam, which exhausted A-Kid. Shortly after, Trashman pinned A-Kid with a devastating Facebuster and a Frog Splash and got the final win.

Over the same month, A-Kid and his tag team partner Necrid fought against Caretaker and Lukas Skott, two of the most dangerous wrestlers in Triple W. Surprisingly, Necrid and A-Kid first dominated the match after A-Kid executed successfully his DDT and his Hurricana. He countered Lukas Skott’s CB4 Driver and attempted a pinfall in vain. After a PowerSlam, Caretaker and Skott threw him onto a table. But A-Kid resisted these devastating attacks. With the help of his tag team partner, A-Kid managed to throw Lukas Skott onto a burning table and they got the win. This match was a huge victory for A-Kid who emerged as one of the best wrestlers of the federation after beating two powerful challengers in a hardcore match.

Characteristics and technical style

A-Kid is a young and ambitious cruiserweight who defeated some of the most powerful wrestlers of Triple W. He is a true risk taker and has a hard hitting style. His signature moves (DDT, Hurricana, Frog Splash, and Superkick) are often devastating even though he missed some of them several times. He is a brave challenger who does not fear to face much older and more experienced wrestlers. He is not a heel and is not used to cheat during his matches to get the win.

Overall Record

1) September 2012: Astiles & The Vanquisher defeated A-Kid & The Project by pinfall

2) February 2013: Padre Paolo defeated A-Kid by pinfall

3) April 2013: Banshee eliminated A-Kid in a Royal Rumble match

4) June 2013: Rod Zayas defeated A-Kid by pinfall

5) July 2013: A-Kid defeated Rod Zayas by submission

6) September 2013: Ginger Fury & Trashman defeated A-Kid & Diana Dark by pinfall

7) September 2013: A-Kid & Necrid defeated Caretaker & Skott by pinfall

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