Vidar A. Peterson

From Brass Goggles

Name:Vidar A. Peterson, know also as "Vap"

Allegiance: Radio operator of the nearby village of Wensleydale-on-Rye.

Physical Description: Young man, around six feet. Has light brown hair, with bangs kept up by goggles worn on forehead. Blue eyes. Wears simple waistcoat and trousers. Often seen wearing large headphones connected to his self-invented portable radio device, which he wears on his belt.

Personality: A well intentioned, polite young man, he was become rather sarcastic and withdrawn, due to having to live in a smelly lighthouse in a essentially non-existant English village.

Backstory: Born in Canada to Norwegian immigrants. He was bored by the fishing lifestyle his father partook in on the westcoast and joined the military corp at a very young age. His skills with the radio got him posted to the special Radio Branch, in England, a position he was very excited to earn. To his dismay, he was given the position of monitoring radio channels of a particlarly remote part of England, often working with subpar equipment and unhelpful locals. He has attempted numerous times to get passing airship captains and pirates to take him on as crew, but they have always rejected him and quickly left when they learn his initials are V.A.P. and that he is from Vancouver. (Unbeknowst to him, he is constantly mistaken for the vigilante "Vancouver Air Privateer", which has led to further sarcasm and bitterness, as he has no clue why he is constantly rejected as crew.)

Currently: One day he was monitoring the radio signal of the Ziggurat as it past of the coast near his station. To his surprise, the signal aprubtly ended. He immediatly attempted to summon help from a larger town, but his superiors strangely told him "not to worry about it". Feeling guilty and worried, he decided to investigate the situation by himself. Using his portable radio, he was able to follow the faint distress signal of the Ziggurat to an island he had never seen before...


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