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This article is part of the yet unnamed world of Captains Gladstone and Zaphod.

Overview: The Vectis Empire is one of the larger Empires of the world. Based around a medium sized island, the Isle of Wight (Also known as vectis) it holds colonies across the skies, and posseses a strong military and merchant navy, which supports it's economy. The current Queen is Queen Hebzibar 1st, Del Gratia. A view of the smallest of the nine colonies: sepae2.jpg

The flag visible in the upper left hand corner is the flag of the nine colonies. The canton depicts the Vectis Empire flag, known as the Island Jack.

"Geography" The Vectis empire is made up entirely of floating islands, varying vastly in size, from continents to the colony shown earlier. There are nine core colonies, which share a basic climate and topography with the main island (Vectis, aka Isle of Wight). The climate on these islands is warm temperate, with hot summers and cold winters. The Islands float through a mixture of magic and technology. The capital, situated on Vectis, is Ryde. The main port is Cowes.

System of government: The system of government is a constituitional monarchy, with the country being run by a parliament located in Ryde. A single member is elected from each of the nine colonies, and five are elected from vectis. Men and women have the vote from 25.

Economy: The economy is based on trade with other nations and within the empire itself, which is allowed by a vast merchant navy. The Royal Vectis Zeppelin Company conducts a large amount of trade with very far off places, and are reported to have set up a colony on one of the larger far-off islands (the Mistrals). A public transport system allows migration around the colonies and commuting.

Military: As an empire with many colonies, some seperated by vast distances, the navy is the most prominent and oldest military force. The Navy is based around airships, which have a rating depending on crew size and armament; the prefix RVNZ (Royal Vectis Navy Zeppelin) is used for the ships;

1st rate- 250+ souls, 40+ guns. These are extremely rare, and the empire only posseses 2.

2nd rate- 150-250 souls, 25-40 guns.

3rd rate- 100-150 souls, 20-25 guns. The most common battle zeppelins

4th rate- 75-100 souls, 15-20 guns.

5th rate- 50-75 souls, 12-15 guns. The most common cruiser zeppelins (capable of independent operations).

6th rate- 40-50 souls, 8-12 guns

Unrated- up to 40 souls, 8 guns. As most weapons on larger airships are mounted on the side in batteries, 3rd rate and upwards airships fight in a line of battle formation to maximise firepower. Many Zeppelins carry sails to increase the amount of time they can spend cruising, in addition to the standard steam engine. The typical tropical hat of the Navy is the pithelhaube. A typical unrated airship (Osprey class aerial sloop:)


The vectis army controls most land based war machines (such as iron men) and heavy equipment. It is quite small, and is only called upon to fight rarely.

The Royal Vectis Aerial Marines are the main rank and file of the Vectis armed forces, and are stationed on all colonies and airships.

Religion Religion does play a part in the lives of Vectis people, with people attending church weekly, but does not affect politics or warfare.

Culture Culture is analoguos to our own in Victorian times; there is a slight class culture, with upper, lower and middle classes. Men spend their spare time in gentleman's clubs, pubs, and kine-theatres, and women are beginning to do likewise. There are also tea-rooms, dance halls and societies available for people to join.

National anthem:

A view from St. Catherine's point (southernmost tip of Vectis itself) early one summers morning:


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