Threadjack railroaders

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While the movement (as of march 2oo9) has largely died out, it is still remembered in the hearts and minds of many.

[edit] Ideology

The Threadjack railroader movement is summed up as so by its initiator "Clym Angus" of the crimson forge:

There is a small cabul within the bowels of the culture of steampunk; A group of Gentlemen and Ladies deadicated to frivolity and light heartedness. These deadicated individualists will derail any tread that;
  • A) Appears to be going round and round in circles.
  • B) Have semi-accusation-al leanings
  • C) Trump up too much spite.
They will do all in their power to redirect it towards Happyland and away from Trollville. These noble few are known to myth and legend as "The Treadjack Railroaders". You know who you are.

Note: the original post may be found here

[edit] Emblem

tj.png The badge of the threadjack railroaders may be seen here- this was most commonly worn in the signature area of the post, often acompanied by a small amount of text.

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