The Steampunk Archetype Fashion Guide

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A collection of fashion for reference and inspiration.


[edit] Steampunk Lady

Examples by Stella Gaslight

Green Traveling Dress

The Wormwood Gown

Lady in Gray

[edit] Steampunk Gentleman

Examples by MPsy

Grey Vest

Inspector Fogg

[edit] Male Steampunk Tinkerer

[edit] Female Steampunk Tinkerer

Agatha Heterodyne

[edit] Male Airship Pyrate

[edit] Female Airship Pyrate

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Captain

Tales from the Neverending Story's Fly Girl character

[edit] Male Steampunk Adventurer

[edit] Female Steampunk Adventurer

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Hunter Seeking


[edit] Male Steampunk Mad Scientist

[edit] Female Steampunk Mad Scientist

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Evil Cupcake.

[edit] Male Steampunk time traveler

[edit] Female Steampunk time traveler

Example by Stella Gaslight

The Key Keeper

[edit] Male Steampunk Other

Example by MPsy


[edit] Female Steampunk Other

Example by Stella Gaslight

Steamed Lobster

[flyawaylobster.jpg The Dreaded Sky Lobster]

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