The Complete Adventures of the HMS Ziggurat

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(Disambiguation: This book is NOT about Captain McCannon, rather, it's about a fictional character with the same name. This ain't a vanity project!)

1888: Iphigenia Maximillienne Fenway McCannon's parents die in a freak airship accident. 1889: Her Majesty's Royal Guard grudgingly take McCannon on board out of obligation and pity. 1890: They begin to realize what a stupid thing they've done.

1895, England: The air is thick with soot, grime, and adventure, though "adventure" may also be a code word for soot. Captain McCannon is sent on a cruel, wild goose chase for her father's lost business partner by the Royal Guard, who know she'll never find him.

The Complete Adventures of the HMS Ziggurat chronicle the life of Iphigenia McCannon through her psychological setbacks, the realities of the real world, and her crew of messed-up folks who just want to find some adventure to live for. A mainly character-driven, non-chronological novel told with Adams-esque dry wit and humor, about escapism, disillusionment, and slivers of light that may or may not exist at the end of the tunnel. Also, lobster-powered rayguns.

[edit] Additional Tidbits

The Complete Adventures is a full-length novel, written by Captain McCannon (no relation to the protagonist - the moniker stuck after writing the book). It is currently undergoing a gauntlet of sorts in relation to publishing - you may or may not see it in bookshelves next year!

To read some chapters, feel free to visit the author's webpage. If you're interested in publishing, again, feel free to contact the author (see website above) and she'd be glad to send you a full synopsis.

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