The Ætheric tongues

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The "ætheric tongue" is a collective name for the group of languages which are spoken/typed upon the æther.

[edit] linguistic roots

These languages are believed to ave split from standard English during the early 1700's since then they have diverged greatly. While most ætheric tongues are incomprehensible upon first encounter to a standard English speaker; they are easy to learn due to their common roots. Many words within these languages are simply bastardised versions of the original English, & so after the minimum of practice one can understand the language, if not speak it fully. Large sections of the ætheric lexicon may also be traced back to specific events & pop culture which leads to many phrases where the casual observer may completely miss the significance of what has happened. It is also worth mentioning one particular language within the ætheric tongues; AOLish This is one of the more significant, as its split from standard English has been one of the greatest, not only have the form & pronunciation of word changed, but the entire syntax is so vastly different that it is now believed to share more similarities with ancient Atlantean than any current language.

[edit] examples of standard ætheric words & phrases

LOL -this is one of the most widely used words within the ætheric vocabulary; it is used to emphasise ones amusement however other alternatives such as "rolf" may be used just as commonly.

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