Sir Thomas Knight

From Brass Goggles

Sir Thomas Knight 56 years old, Born in Ashlington, England Profession: Captain in Her Majesties AirShip Fleet Appearance: Sir Thomas Knight is a tall man at 6’4, heavily built for a man of his age. He has thick salt and pepper hair and large mustache that stretches from ear to ear. He wears the typical white jacket of the Navy officer class and Naval issue peak cap. He always carries a pace stick under his left arm and stands ramrod straight, allowing him to tower high over others.

Biography: Thomas joined the British Navy at the age of 16 after murdering a pimp in London. He worked his way up through the ranks until he commanded the 75 gun warship HMS York. With the advent of the AirShip his vessel was scrapped and he was placed in charge of the latest and most powerful Airship in the British Empire, the HMAS York.

Thomas will sell his life for Queen and Country but with the ship at his disposable he has no need, no one can stand in its path.

NOte: HMAS = Her Majesties Airship

Thomas' curent activites can be found in Steam London

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