Sir Conlan O'Draigen

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Name: Sir Conlan O'Draigen.


Occupation: Former Squire for Sir Brendan the strong. Currently de-facto knight.

Appearance: Conlan is a young man born from the cataclysm. His raven black hair is the color of the coal that fueled the kingdom he once served. His pale skin is flecked with spots of brown, giving evidence of his exposure to the sun from long exoduses to far off places, holding the weaponry and gear of the late Sir Brendan. His form is well built, but far from bulky. His eyes are dark brown, the color of the muddy irish earth beneath the thick layer of carbon which coats the once green countryside.

Nationality: Irish, the last of the fallen clan of the O'Draigen house.

Weapon of choice: broadsword. Standard issue royal irish Chutchullan model rifle. Rapier. Compact mace.

Attire: A black iron chestplate, greaves, shoulder-pads and guantlets, accompanied with a heavy wool undershirt and pants akin to those worn by soldiers before the cataclysm. A black, semi-dented steel sallet holds down his thick black hair. His outfit is designed to permit both movement in combat as well as moderate protection. His shoulder-plates bear the symbol of the O'Conlan house, a pair of black thorn vines wrapping around a blade, the end of which digs into the belly of a serpent.

Background: Conlan was born the day of the explosion, many of the supersticious beleived the infant Conlan to be the son of the devil, pinning his birth as the reason for the cataclysm. His parents were the ones who payed the price for his existance. When Conlan turned seven both his parents were sentenced to be drawn and quartered in the verdict a mock trial given by a supersticious jury. Conlan was forced to watch the entire thing in an act of "Penance" in this spectacle he became almost entirely desensitised to the idea of death. It is with this last "gift" From his parents that he joined the armored guard of the O'Draigen house. When his potential upon the battlefeild was observed, he was made the squire of the famed knight Sir Brendan. However, this position did not last long. After three years of training the O'Draigen house was razed by a band of scottish raiders lead by a man nicknamed "Shamus the Boar." Conlan was the last of the O'Draigen house, taking the name of its lord whom he served as his own title. ))

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