From Brass Goggles

Silverton consists of all the lands south and southwest of Whitesmith and part of the land south east, creating a long, stretching colony. Silverton, with it's capital of Silver City, is on the very edge of the dangerous south pole. It's southern border is made up of desert, a strange land that only the bravest men of Silverton dare explore. Silverton is known for it's wide, empty spaces, both the northern forested and the southern desert. Due to it's size and difficulty of transport, the people of Silverton are known for their ingenuity in maiking quick repairs. The airships of Silverton are among the fastest in the world and have the best continuous distance records, useful in traversing the wide terrain. Silverton airships are experimenting with using gyrocoptors on board, to scout, help fight or to send for help if the airship is compromised.

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