Sarah Caplen

From Brass Goggles

[edit] Early History

Child of captain Eustace Caplen of the airship the Mocking bird and Madeline Bell a physician on the ship the cotton blossom. Madeline and Eustace met when he raided the cotton blossom and she knocked him out cold and patched him up again. They have three children Alex, Sarah and Thomas. Madeline died in childbirth with Thomas and shortly afterward Eustace stared losing his eye sight. The family settled in Krakenfell when her father was unable to fly his ship. Sarah was taught a wide number of things from the pirates of Krakenfell and her parents. Has some engineering experience and has done most of the jobs that need doing on an airship but chemistry is where she really shines.

[edit] The Blackbird

Sarah worked for years to own the Blackbird. Many of her crew where children she grew up with and some that had worked with her father. Her older brother Alex became her first mate. When the first fleet massed the Blackbird was one of the first to fight being crewed mainly by young hot blooded pirates. They took damage from shells that knocked Sara out at the wheel. She woke in the life glider just in time to see her brother lead the Blackbird in a suicidal charge against the first fleet. Nothing was left . Numb and angry she made it back to Krakenfell hoping to find a ship that would take her so she could make the strike her brother and friends died trying to make.

[edit] Currently

Working as a physician, chemist and general engineer aboard the Reckless Abandon

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