Sam 'Red' Prentine

From Brass Goggles

Name: Sam 'Red' Prentine

Age: 22

Occupation: Scavenger

Appearance: Hair bleached dusty blonde by the desert suns. Skin a deep rusty red colour, stained by exposure to airborne ferric dust. Sam's eyes are a cloudy blue and blaze with the determination of those forced to pull together a living from recovering, restoring and reselling artefacts found in the wastes. Typical wasteland clothing, hard-wearing leather and denims adorned with as many pockets, chords, pouches and ties as possible to ensure finds can be stowed away and carried. Sam carries with him necklaces with beads made fom the bones of unfortunate souls, lost to the desert storms, which he believes will deter the ghosts of the wastelands which threaten him in his nightmares. He is thick-set and of average height.

Background: Orphaned by the event, Sam was left to fend for himself at the age of four. In his early teens he was found and educated by a tribe of nomads, former engineers from a military trial programme caught unawares by the apocalypse. Sam left the clan at the age of twenty following his discovery of a deserted homestead in which he believes he found evidence that his parents were, in fact, still alive. He has been searching for them ever since, paying his way by salvaging and restoring items found in the wastes and undertaking the occasional mercenary contract.

Steam and Sand

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