Royce Grosvenor

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Name: Royce Grosvenor

Age: 24

Occupation: Currently unemployed, former occupation wryly described as "big game hunting"

Appearance: Royce is tall and thin, with messy brown hair but piercing blue eyes. Is a bit paler than the usual desert going folk are. His gait and form make him seem strangly delicate, at least when not wearing his desert gear, though when required he shows astonishing agility and balance, which are not always apparent. He tends to gaze off at other things, even when talking, partly due to things being on his mind, partly because it is his habit to try and see everything. Is generally polite and relaxed, but can get very intense when focused on a particular task.

Nationality: Unknown, was affiliated with the State of York, but was not born there and has recently closed off his ties to them.

Weapon of choice: Royce's primary weapon is the "Repeater Gun". This is a short, squat gun that can fire multiple bullets in succession. While this ability is a fantastic technology, the gun can fire erratically and will jam if pushed too hard. He tends to use it in close quarters where it is more effective. His signature weapon, however, is actually the long concealed wrapped package he carries on his back. This is large, ornate and lovingly crafted device known as a "Mobile Artillery Unit" - recognizable to us as a missle launcher. It takes a while to load and patience to fire properly, but it is the weapon that Royce has made his living and name by.

Attire: He dresses plainly when in cover, with a shirt and leather vest. When out he wears a metal face mask with eyeslits and a chainmail veil for the lowerface. A cloth bandana also covers his mouth belowthis and he wears a brimmed metal helmet. The rest of his wear is mustard coloured desert clothes, strapped with various pieces of equipment, the most noticible being the oversized package strapped to his back.

Background: Royce doesn't know where he came from - from reports from people who found him it was somewhere from the north - though that could mean Scotland or the lands of the Scandinavian sea peoples. Perhaps even both. He spent most of his time with Traveller tribes in the north, eventually pledging himself to York. He did work for them over a period of time, eventually running missions directly for the council. He made his name as a "big game hunter" - one of only a few people trained to take on massive machines of war - by themselves. He staged ambushes constantly and became very skilled at slaying these iron beasts. However, he rarely talked of his work when not performing it, a bit uncomfortable with the destructive power he wielded. He eventually performed one last vital mission, with the understanding that he would be let go after it's completion and be allowed to take his own path.

Steam and Sand

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