Rowland Elmstone

From Brass Goggles

Name : Rowland Elmstone Age : 20 Nationality: London, England Physical appearance :

Rowland sports a shaggy mop of brown hair. It is usually unkept, since he is much to busy to worry about simple things as his hair. He has a brow that stands out, and slightly shaggy eyebrows. They usually go unnoticed behind his wire framed glasses. He also has slight stubble on his face, and is usually tan from working outdoors. He is fairly tall, but also has a thick build. Overall he is an average youth.

Profession / job title (if any): Currently studying the properties of Aether, and finding random jobs teaching

Biography :

Rowland's story starts out quite well into his teenage years. Up to that point, he had been under the care of his mother, who taught him how to read and write and speak French. He spent many an hour reading novels and books on the art of steam-production. Rowland then moved onto studying at Cambridge where he learned many theories and ideas behind the different Engines currently being used across Europe. He found himself furthering his studies and travelling across the globe. Rowland plans to continue his studies of Aether, and plans to cross the ideas with the locomotive, making an "Aether rail." Rowland believes that it would cut the steam production in half and help travel become cheaper.

Currently, Rowland is stranded in Shanghai, where he hopes to find some help and get back to London.

Steam London

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