Reckless Abandon

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[edit] History.

The "Reckless Abandon" ("Reckless" for short) began life as an experimental Scorpion-class heavy raiding corvette. It had been assembled in the skyport of Dublin, prior to its commisioning and its joining the Northern European battlegroup under Admiral Swan. It was due to be captained by a relatively new officer by the name of Reginald Wilkinson. However, this was not to be. After breaking out of gaol, and assembling a crew, the young adventurer and mercenary Haephestus J Burnside stole the ship, fought his way out of port, and headed out to the open sky. Since then, the ship has undergone radical alterations in terms of hull, engines, and armaments, and has seen copious action in a variety of theatres the world over. It operates out of the pirate stronghold and base known as Port Krakenfell.

[edit] Techical Features.

Built for speed and manoeuvrability: armour plating has been largely removed, except around the hull and airbags. Airbags are equipped with bulkheads, making the ship difficult to sink. A raiding vessel: several food and cargo storage bays have been cleared to make room for additional gun ports and a larger magazine. Port and starboard props heavily upgraded, to provide additional lift and stabilisation while firing broadsides. Aft props designed to ease steering, granting the Reckless the ability to change course swiftly.

[edit] Weaponry.

Fore and aft chaser grapeshot cannons replaced with custom-built Gatling emplacements on swivel mounts. These can be either hand-cranked, or operated by means of a clockwork firing and aiming mechanism that can trigger the guns from the helm. Cannons number a total of four heavy carronades to each side on the lower gun deck, and five rifled long-ranged cannon to each side above. The heavy guns act as a form of ballast when not in action. Armoury to the fore, stocked with close-ranged small arms, as well as cutlasses and boarding axes. There are also a number of fine-shooting rifles for use by the less militarily-inclined of the crew. Cannons equipped with grape, chain, and bomb shot as well as standard ball and grappling shot. Some of the long guns are magazine-fed, which allows for sustained bombardments. Prow-Mounted boarding harpoon, for launching saboteurs.

[edit] Some Notable Crew Members.

  • Haephestus J Burnside - Captain
  • Stiofain "Mac" McChoilleain - Chief Engineer
  • Chiaves Bellono - Master at Arms
  • Grainne "Shreds" McKeagney - Seamstress
  • Caroline O'Rahilly - Medic
  • Sarah Caplin - Chemist/Nurse
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