Prussian Empire

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The Prussian Empire is a major nation based on a large floating island and is a najor land-based power.

Geography The Prussian Empire occupies one of the larger floating land masses, large enough to have it's own major rivers, railways and mountains. It has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Most of the flatter land is either farmland or forested, and acts as a bread basket for many other nations.

System of government: Monarchy and industrial council (Hanseatic League)- the monarchy controls day to day lives and warfare, while the industrial council controls trade and production. Current Kaiser is Friedrich der Grosse (Frederick the great)

Economy: The economy is based on trade with other nations and within the empire itself, which is facilited by overland trade and a small merchant airship fleet of it's own, although other nations ships bear most goods. Trade is in armaments, steel, raw materiels and foodstuffs.

Military: The Prussian Empire has a large land based military, and riverine navy (to patrol canals and waterways). They are pioneers in the fields of steam based war machines, such as iron men and steam-armour). It does posess an airship navy, although it has been neglected in recent years. Some steam-powered heavier than air flying machines are also employed, although only for short range work over land (as fuel and power are limited on these aircraft), and without a more compact and lighter source of power, it seems unlikey they will be of much use in future conflicts.

Culture Prussian culture is advanced in many areas, with many emminent philosophers and engineers hailing from these lands. Honour and brotherhood (bunde) are key ideas, with people willing to fight to defend both.

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