Professor George Lewestine

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[edit] General description


A gangly awkward man easily six one with stringy black hair and watery blue eyes. Paces quite a bit when agitated or in thought. Is still wearing the gray tweed waistcoat, high wasted black pants, cream silk shirt with hopelessly stained cuffs and the slightly burned lab coat that he was wearing the moment his aether generator took a turn for the odd. Seams not to have aged since the accident almost two years ago.

He has all the information in the aether at his fingertips but he lives like a ghost unable to touch this world. They are looking for a solution to this and use the money they make to further their endeavors. When Emma places the goggles over her eyes he takes over and her whole mannerisms change completely. She hates doing this and they fight quite a bit about it.

George has been granted the power to reprogram the world but because of his connection with Emma each change he makes hurts her. If he tries to do something too big he could very well kill her. Trip hates him for that and thinks he will be the death of Emma.

[edit] Early frustration

Lewistine was a brilliant inventor fresh from collage but unable to find a backer so he resorted to performing flashy scientific demonstrations in a rundown theater just barely clinging to a fashionable address. He was unprepared for the whirlwind that answered his ad in the paper. Emmaline Lighton was the first assistant to show any interest in what they were demonstrating. She was smart, had a solid grasp on the basics and was one of the fastest readers he had ever met. With her help there were fewer failures on stage and they stared to attract positive attention.

The idea for the Ætheric generator was Emma's spawned by her utter frustration with unreliable power sources. George was ecstatic, if they could make it work they would be the toast of London. Sinking all the money they had in to the project they spent the next six months building a working prototype.

[edit] Loss

George had never worked as close with someone as he did with Emma and he found himself slowly, gently falling in love with her. After a long agonizing debate George decided he was going to purpose to Emma after the demonstration. He tucked a modest ring in to his lab coat pocket and tried to carry on the demonstration without reveling what a bundle of nerves he was.

Things went very wrong very fast. The containment unit failed taking all the safeties with it and sending the converter in to the red trying to fill the emptying tanks. There was a masive explosion that distroyed Emma's right arm but spared her life. George made it out alive too but in far worse condition. He was standing right next to it as it failed and as far as they have ever been able to figure out he was hit with a wave of concentrated aether. It ripped him bodily out of this world and deposited him in some sort of in between place. He can hear, see and smell everything around him but he has no way of interacting with it.

[edit] Knight in shining armor

At first he was sure he was dead

George's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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