Pitivo Heron

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Name: Pitivo Heron

Age: mid to late twenties.

Occupation: Mercenary, brawler, boxer.

Appearance: A bit on the short side, lean, and muscular like a good badger-hunting terrier. Atop his head is a shock of curly hair the color of a raven's wing. His skin, dark from the sun, and marred with more than a few scars. His young looks detracted from by a broken nose, and an ear that seems to have had a bite taken out of it.

nationality: Traveller, Gypsy.

Weapon of choice: 'Molly and Suzie' A set of black, plate mail gauntlets which reach up to his forearms. The knuckles sport cruel, serrated spikes no more than an inch long. At the end of each finger is a cruel hook, used mainly to disarm opponents. He is not completely impartial to the snub-nose revolver he keeps in his pocket.

Attire: Brown pants with undone suspenders, dented greaves, a light scale mail shirt with a white, button-up shirt beneath it.

Background: Pitivo was born a bastard to a woman who didn't even want a child, so as the Traveller practice dictated, she moved the child into the hands of the next caravaner who wanted him. Being the little hellion that he was, the years passed, and he was passed from family to family year after year, until the day of his tenth birthday, where he was given to a caravan guard known to everyone as 'No-nose-Niko.' Niko taught him to fight dirty, fight like a devil, and fight like a man. Niko had told the young boy that a man's history is written not with ink, but the scars on his body and his name on the lips of the woman he loves. A man's story is a powerful thing, it can end kingsoms, free a people, and bring the mountains to their knees. Pitivo left his caravan and Kindly old Niko at the age of twenty one, and went out into the world to find his own story.

Steam and Sand

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