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Patrick O'Landry is a persona used in the Steam London roleplay thread of brass goggles. He was invented and written by Patrick O'Driscoll, AKA Nigel Wetherby.


[edit] Background

Patrick O'Landry was born beneath the noose of a hanging woman in Dublin Ireland. Apparently the stress of her own hanging did not cause the child to suffer as she had been hung during the act of labour. Days had passed until a priest, who so happened to be passing through, took the malnourished child in. Patrick was raised for 11 years in the local catholic orphanage. As the years passed, Patrick took to reading contraband books on everything technological, much to the chagrin of the pastor, whom was a devout luddite.

He apparently absorbed every word of information, as simply reading about them gave him a complete understanding of Aetheric sciences, machinery, weapon design, and all things mechanical. After being punished for building an aether oscilliation ray out of the church toaster he ran away. Taking up the title of "Combat Engineer for Hire" Patrick has apparenltly served on multiple ships, including the Japanese battle freighters "Hitotsume" and "Hattori Hanzo". Patrick has also served aboard the Eastern Star under his captain-turned-rival, Capt.Hieronymus Black.

[edit] Talents

Patrick appears to be a veritable Jack-of-all-trades, and possesses multiple combat and engineering skills, among which include weaponry construction, engine maitenance, aethercraft, and sword fighting. He seems to be double jointed as he is able to slip and squeeze through the inner workings of engines. Patrick posesses a photographic memory for textual information, as made evident by his ability to completley memorize the inner workings of the Boheme's engines (And recite them all in the form of a jaunty tune). Patrick seems to posess some substantial knowledge of field medical procedures such as setting broken bones, cauterizing wounds, and stitching gashes.

Due to a recent conciousness exchange between himself and the magic-oriented medic of the Boheme, Jennifer, Patrick has found himself in the posession of a class of white magic known as Technomancy.This magic manifests itself through any and all forms of technology, from simple machines (like levers and pulleys) to complex mechanisms (Like airships or automitons.) He has recently aquired the ability of transferring living or dead souls into mechanical bodies. See Scraps and Cain.

[edit] currently

Patrick has hunkered down with his wife Jenniffer O'Landry and started a school for technomancy. He is well reputed, and proudly states the fact that he has been knighted by the queen.

[edit] Scraps

Scraps is Patrick's first Spectral automiton, created during a sleep-deprived daze brought on by terrible nightmares after an exploit in London. Scraps is a mechanical dog imbued with the soul of a Yorkshire terrier. Scraps is a loyal hound first, and a construct second, his loyalty to Patrick is staggering. Nigel Wetherby describes scraps as "A construct made from all matter of kitchen appliances, ranging from a waffle-iron to a toaster, to several collections of iron and brass spoons.

Patrick's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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