Oliver James Corliss

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Name: Oliver James Corliss

Age: 42

Origin: English

Occupation: A mostly unknown [air]shipwright, and is being held in Novgorod Gulag. Has designed a new class of russian airships, the first being built in a factory not far away. Cover Occupation: --

Skills: Given enough time, can do anything technical on any airship. Understands the finer points of meterology, if not just 'instinct', as well as the effects on the human body at altitude (Think what the NSDAP did during WWII, and pretend the russians are doing it to members of the Novgorod Gulag now?)

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please): For the time being, anything he can lay his hands on. Equipment: In his cell he has everything from paper to tools, and much more besides at the near-by factory.

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