Officer Upjohn

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Cheif Inspector Brynn Upjohn, Thirty years old, Born of Cardiff, Wales. Profession: Officer of the Law; Appearance: Cheif Inspector Upjohn is a heavily built man, well fed, and strong who stands six feet tall to the inch. He has dark hair shaved short on top, with mutton chops and a mustache on a face criss crossed with scars. He wears a blue side-button uniform and peaked cap. The lines of body armour can be seen under his uniform, standard for riot police and those stationed on the edges of, or within slums.

Biography: Brynn Upjohn was born in Cardiff, but spent most of his life in or around London. He's spent most of his adult life as a Bobby, working rough on the streets. He's managed to work his way up the ranks, in a fashion. Police are unpopular in most places where their leading, and Upjohn's precinct has a reputation for its 'dirty cops.'

As a loyal servant of the Empire, Upjohn jumps when he needs to, but in practice, is in essence a government payed warlord of his own stretch of England.

Brynn's current activities can be found in Steam London

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