Ned Canning

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[edit] Ned Canning, Captain of HMAS Steel Breeze

Ned Canning was born and raised on the streets of Vancouver. He became an influencial and well known figure around the city, although young and not with exceeding fortune. Ned always had a love of airships. After an incident with the testings of the airship Steel Breeze, Ned ended up as Captain, sponsered by Samuel Cox. After many adventures, he has become one of, if not the most, famed Captain to privateer in the name of the Queen in the Pacific Northwest. He has bested pirates all over the Pacific and has built a special animosity with the Russian military in their east, having stymied many of their projects in the name of the British Empire.

Captain Canning is slim and handsome, with wavy red hair and is now 24 years of age. He dresses casually, for a Captain, and seems constantly relaxed and laidback. This attitude belies a natural energy and intellect. His distinguishing features are his constant smoking of foul herbs and the katana he wears naked at his side.

Recently, his First Mate, Elisha Kettell, became involved in the plots surrounding APF Bohème. The Steel Breeze was taken to York to retrieve Kettell. There Captain Canning helped the Boheme and it's allies defeat a large fleet of Black Ships of the Secret Service.

Ned's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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