Nathanial Walker

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[edit] Early History

Life was simple for Nathanial Walker, business was steady, Friends were plenty and he had all he wanted. Owner of Walker's books on Tinkers Row. Most of his business comes from specialized technical manuals, drafting supplies and rebinding older volumes. When Miss Lighton came to inquire about his add in the paper for the office above his shop he thought she was odd but nice and rented it to her on the spot. Things ware going well until she left one evening and never came back. Now it looks like that opened a large can of worms because he caught someone braking in to her empty office that vanished in to thin air.

[edit] Tricked

After going to a Mr. Thomas Taylor for help with the problem of the vanshing man he discovered the folly of trusting strangers. Thomas William Taylor the Third(Trip) turned out to be the thief himself. He left Nathanial paralyzed as he stole Miss Lighton's designs for an aether generator. When he finally regained use of his body he unleashes the mad fury of Tinkers row on Taylor and runs him out of town.

[edit] Revenge and the Coraline

When a Charles Tayle offers the chance to chase Trip he accepts and they ready his airship the Coraline for launch. Nate and Charles are not a good fit and argue often but their biggest argument ends in Nate drugging Charles and stealing his ship. Leaving Charles stranded Nate goes after Trip with blood on his mind. With only revenge to guide him Nate starts slipping out of touch with realty. Soon he eats little, sleeps less and thinks only of killing Trip. Madness makes him strong and relentless he stops briefly in Kabul to take on a crew and then presses on.

As he enters the Hindu Kush he spot a ship he moves in closer to speak to the people hanging over the side. On it he spots both his pray and former tenet. Nate hails The Boheme, saying he is looking for a criminal and Emma lets him aboard. That turned out to be a very bad idea as Nate grabs her convinced he is saving her from kidnappers. Emma tries to reason with him but it don't work and she can't get loose. Trip sticks to his story of a stranger with his face and frees Emma from the mad, ranting Nate.

He is tossed to The Boheme's brig before a pirate attack.

Nate's current activities and foul deeds can be found in Steam London.

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