Mr. Achilles

From Brass Goggles

Name: Mr. Degaré Achilles. (Real name Fingal G. MacDoyle)

Occupation: Gunner and Weapon's officer for hire.

Description: Tall, slim and pale, with a drawn face and long unkempt brown hair. Usually has eyes covered with amber colour goggles, worn like spectacles. Usually dressed very well and kept clean, surprisingly even in rough circumstances. Rarely seen without guns and ammo at the ready.

Bio: Although the history and motives of the man currently going by the moniker of Mr. Achilles are shadowed and unknown, they do exist, even though his own memory of these are vague. He began as a rather unassuming weapons officer named Fingal G. MacDoyle aboard the airship Achilles, a privateer airship under the command of Captain Diggory Weaver. During the infamous mission at the Yellow Fortress, the airship Achilles was destroyed during a moment of panic by its captain and all the crew lost. Or so it seemed. In fact, the young Fingal survived, being protected within the gunner's turret he was manning at the time. Bruised and battered, he was extracted by a race of creatures that had been working with the enemy and taken to their central base in a land far from his home. Here they began to use him as a human test subject. But the young Fingal had a strange knack for self-preservation and one day he managed to escape. However, he found no salvation as he accidently stumbled upon the means by which these creatures had entered his world. Cast into the space between spaces, the last vestiges of his sanity were torn asunder and he lost his memory of his previous life. He only gained control of himself when he stumbled upon an exit to the purgatory he was trapped in.

Beginning again, he took the name Achilles, having a vague recollection of the name, remembering it from the title of his airship. He began to wander the lands as a weapon's officer for hire, collecting more weapons and gaining considerable skill. While he is more than a little unbalanced and eccentric and perhaps addicted to combat and violence, he is cool and professional at what he does - for he enjoys it. Every explosion and flame is another act of defiance against an unkind universe.


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