Morgan Redburn

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Name: Morgan Redburn

Age: 28

Origin: Disinherited son of American gentry; a thrill seeker who ran afoul of his parent’s conservative lifestyle.

Occupation: Airship pilot; Morgan is notoriously bad with money and takes most any job that comes his way.

Cover Occupation: Airship pilot; he has no formal medical training and only rough knowledge of basic first aid.

Skills: Piloting, navigating, fencing and formal etiquette (from his upbringing), street smarts and brawling (from his life on the streets), some moderate skill with a handgun

Weaponry: Scottish backsword, Le Mat revolver (modified for use with cartridges)

Equipment: Morgan is never without his tophat, his absinthe, and his pipe. Besides that he lives by his wits; his personal effects fit into a carpetbag and are nondescript; he carries the basic toiletries, a compass, and a few pieces of clothing. He is always short of cash and besides the items already mentioned he rarely retains much of value on his person.

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