Mirium Sengupta

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Name: Mirium (Miri) Sengupta

Age: 27

Occupation: Traveling healer and self taught chemist

Appearance: Around 5'1 and wiry with tan skin. Very long dark hair she often covers with a head scarf. Sharp blue eyes inherited from her father but her smile is all her mother. Wears bright scraps of sari with her more utilitarian clothes. often wears smoked glass goggles and a breathing mask to aid during dust storms.

Nationality: Anglian but her mother is Indian. Lived in a secluded natural Atrium carved from a cave in the wilderness.

Weapons of Choice: A recursive bow made of brass that has been in her family for generations, Hunting rifle with hand blended gunpowder shells.

Background: Born to a lovely Indian woman working in a trading company and a helmsman of a trading ship Mirium just before the Event. Miri was to travel to India to visit her grandparents just as the world fell apart. All the employees of the trading company got together and tried to sail one ship to safety but found no green land. When the supplies ran out they found a cave with fresh water springs, passages and sunny courtyards a place they could call home.

Miri worked hard and loved tending to others. She found love early and married young, happily planning her life with her husband Paavan but it was not to be. Paavan was killed in a cave in and soon Miri soon found her former home too full of memories and grief to stay. She took a boat and went back to the mainland roaming to fill the empty place in her heart.

Steam and Sand

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