Matthias Pennypecker

From Brass Goggles

Matthias Howard Pennypecker, intrepid newspaper man and syndicated columnist for a dozen of the US top newspapers {San Francisco Chronicle, his home paper.}. He is well known for his colorful style and for investigating the most sensational stories.

From digging into the shadowy underworld of the Chinese Tong wars in his native San Francisco, to uncovering plots of international espionage. Pennypecker will stop at nothing to get his story.

Born in California to a Gold Prospector father and a half Cherokee mother Pennypecker is no stranger to living on the rough. An upbringing that served him well as his adventures take him to the furthest reaches of the globe.

Matthias Howard Pennypecker is a syndicated columnists { Blog }who work is featured in more then a dozen American and Canadian newspapers Under the title. "From the Desk of M. H. Pennypecker"


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