Marie-Luise “Mary” Krueger

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Name: Marie-Luise “Mary” Krueger (really: Iska von Rabenstein)

Age: 27

Origin: Only daughter of a prussian Junker (“country squire”), from a long line of Prussian Army officers, grew up and was educated with three brothers on their Brandenburg estate. Distanced from her family, after some disagreement over her occupation, never uses her real name.

Official origin: grew up with her uncle, a teacher at Berlin University

Occupation: “Special Operations Agent” for the House Hohenzollern*

Cover Occupation: Airship Communication Officer

Skills: Fluent in several languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian), knows Latin and ancient Greek. Extensive academic knowledge of literature, history, alchemy, physics, geography and astronomy. Experienced hunter and rider, knows fencing and some hand-to-hand combat. Perfect in formal etiquette, but also experienced in “street smarts”.

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please): Derringer pistol (concealed), cavalry sabre,

Equipment: Mobile Aether Telegraph Unit, air service uniform, notebooks, several books, some pieces of clothing and toiletries.

  • this may or may not be known to the leader of the operation, we can discuss this via PM if you like

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