From Brass Goggles

Macha can be found just north of the main colony of Portal Whitesmith. It's people are cheery and it's main city, Armagh, lacks the hustle and bustle of the larger city of Portal Whitesmith to the south. The western part of Macha is dominated by Lake Eochaid, the city of Armagh lying on it's shores. The lake is flowed into by many small rivers, creating a rarity on Dark - open, unforested ground. The Machan have, over the years, builts hedges and walls to keep this valuble open land, which they call the Green, safe from what lurks in the forests. This has caused Macha to be one of the last colonies to regularly use horses in it's military tactics. While the age of the horse is ending, and the age of the Steam Tank beginning, this seems to not have bothered the calvarymen of Macha. Indeed, the current cavalry is a rather odd mix, consisting of light and heavy regular cavalry, steam-tank and armoured autos and even war carridges carried by horses, a perfect fusion of the two. Whatever form it takes, the Machans have mastered the art of cavalry, so much so that almost all their airships carry a complementary force of cavalry. Because of this, Macha airships are known for their stability in the worst of conditions and the best de-elevation speed of any airship built.

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