Katherine Doyle

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Name: Katherine (Kat) Doyle

Age: 19

Occupation: none, does various odd jobs around, but mostly searches coal trenches for treasures. could be called a 'freelance scavenger'

Appearance: looks wiry at a glance, but actually well muscled. 5'4" tall. Long red hair, green eyes, freckles. Scar along the inside of her left arm, usually covered up.

Nationality: grew up in slum "village" in the mountains of Wales, moved to London recently for monetary issues

Weapon of choice: flintlock, modified spanner for up close

Attire: Leather vest, rough stained cotton blouse. Old gloves, military boots, mens work trousers. makeshift goggles recently acquired at a pawn shop to protect her face while scavenging in the desert.

Background: born in Wales, Kat's parents died when she was only a few years old. ever since she's lived with her older brother, Arthur, and the two somehow managed to scratch out a living. When there home was robbed of what little they had by the newest inhabitants of a nearby fortress, Kat decided to leave for London, intending to make more money than in Wales and send it back home to her brother, who has no idea of her plans. though Kat is young and new to the world, she is eager for independence and to prove herself to those around her. she seldom talks of her past, and is slow to trust someone, though she won't show her distrust outwardly.

Steam and Sand

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