John Wesley Nunn

From Brass Goggles

[edit] John Wesley Nunn, Second Mate aboard HMAS Steel Breeze

Wesley Nunn, aged 18, currently serves under Captain Ned Canning, on the Steel Breeze. John is openly energetic, unlike the First Mate and Captain, but is just as friendly as the Captain. He is taller than his compatriots and wears thick, darkened spectacles and plain clothing. His face is open and his hair dark and curly. John's specialty is close-quaters combat and has a good knowledge of many martial arts. His prefered weapons include wrist blades, brass knuckles, hand spikes and small daggers, although he is just as deadly unarmed. Often he is used to "convince" pirates to "peacefully" surrender.

With Elisha Kettell's retirement from the Steel Breeze, J.W. is likely to be promoted to First Mate.

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