Ivo Alexander Van Cuyk

From Brass Goggles

Name: Ivo Alexander Van Cuyk Age: 23 Nationality (place of birth): Land van Cuyk, Netherlands Physical Appearance: Medium height and thin. Long and rich dark brown hair and brown eyes. Bears a goatee. Often wears working jackets or mantles, leather working gloves, a leather hat with a brown feather, always wears a scarf - and he has several of them - and simple jeans. Profession: Alchemist, philosopher, tinkerer, fencer, artist, poet, and musician. Biography: The oldest son (of five) of Andreas van Cuyk, a poor duke in the Land of Cuyk, which lies to the south of the Netherlands. No more than small towns, Ivo left his family and home at the age of 16, to study at the famed University of Leiden. There he studied the mystic arts, arcane sciences, philosophy, technology and also swordmanship under the tutelage of several master swordsmen. Ivo is also a amateur inventor, putting small complex mechanisms together which, combined with alchemical substances could function as all kinds of tools (mechanic insects, bombs etc.). He even designed several guns, of which some he has sold, but his beloved Dolores, a pistol with built-in flamethrower, is a mighty example under his command. He also always keeps his rapier, Donimo, and his mandolin, Pandora, at his side. Ivo is not aggressive by nature, however. On the contrary, he is extremely friendly, enthousiastic, and helpful. He also is quite talkative, often talking about his newest philosophical theory or argument, work of art or musical composition. Although it is hard to anger him, when it is finally done, there is no way to stop him. But, even though his fury knows no bounds, it seldom lasts longer than ten minutes.

Ivo's current activities can be found in Steam London

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