Harris Jacobs

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Name: Harris 'Dead Eye' Jacobs

Age: 28

Occupation: 'Gun for hire' mercenary.

Appearance: A touch on the tall side with a wirerily muscled body, looks like someone used to scrapping. Short black hair and brown eyes. Has several scars from previous battles.

Nationality: Anglia

Weapon of Choice: A specially modified leaver-action rifle that's had a small looking glass attached as a primitive scope, also carries a pair of high-caliber revolvers and several small hidden weapons for close-in fighting.

Attire: A long leather duster over otherwise regular heavy-duty clothing, a close fitting hat and shaded goggles.

Rides a Foxhound Motorcycle that he stole during his escape from the Anglia army, looks to have undergone several modifications to improving it's touring range as well as multiple repairs. Saddlebags are filled with various tools and parts for maintaining the bike and performing minor repairs.

Background: Harris grew up in the ruins of London and quickly learned that nothing comes without fighting for it one way or another. He made his way through the various gangs until he learned to use a gun, and use it very well. His skills didn't go unnoticed and it wasn't long before he was conscripted into the Royal Anglia Army. Several battles honed Harris' skills to a razor edge and would have lead him far in the Army if he had have cared for the discipline and taking orders from those he figured inferior fighters and during the chaos of a retreat he managed to slip away and start a carrier as a Mercenary. Now he takes jobs all across the isles, but is careful to stay well away from Anglia and her armies who still have a warrant for his death as a deserter. Where he acquired the modified rifle that earned him his nickname of 'Dead Eye' he tells no-one.

Steam and Sand

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